China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology (CAM) is a big state-owned enterprises group of science and technology, and it is directly under the leadership of State-Owned Assets Super vision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). CAM was founded in 1956, and it has been dedicated itself to realizing the revitalization of the national manufacturing industry.

CAM has 15 subsidiaries including the holding companies with the operation system of the group management of parent- subsidiary type. CAM have a total staff of more than 5000, among them there are 3 academicians, 20 national eminent young and middle -aged experts, 295 experts who gained the governmental special allowances, 8 experts who entered the national “Tens-Hundreds-Thousands talent project to the new century”. And CAM has 2 postdoctoral scientific research working stations, 1 doctorate-accredited field and 15 master- accredited fields. In addition, CAM has built 2 national key laboratories, 4 national engineering research center s, 10 industrial and provincial key laboratories and 18 industrial and municipal key laboratories, and it is among the important part of China National Innovation System.


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